Important Information about Concrete

Cracked Concrete

Rust Stain
Rust Stain

Before placing your concrete order, please read the important information below.

Plan Ahead
Decorative Concrete uses speciality ingredients. Please notify us of your total job requirements and allow a minimum of two working days notice from the date the order is placed with Q-crete. Check weather forecasts in advance, it is vital to the quality of the concrete that it is not exposed to rain, hail, strong winds, debris or very hot or humid conditions during the placing/setting process.

Use a Professional
Decorative Concrete products require greater attention and/or measures when placing and finishing beyond that of regular concrete. Please consult a BSA Approved Concreter about the requirements specific to your project. We recommend the use of joints to reduce the chances of cracking. Q-crete will not be liable for poor placement practices.

Double Check
When the product is delivered and before it is placed,you must check that the description and the product are to your satisfaction and carefully read the information on the delivery docket. Ask the delivery driver to wash off a sample for your inspection. Be sure to wear protective clothing and glasses when handling concrete.

Decorative Concrete products are available in "pump" mixes. These mixes contain less stone and more sand than the regular mixes pictured, please consider the effect this will have on your project prior to ordering the mix. May not suit all pump designs or applications.

No Additional Water
Your concrete will be designed for a specific water ratio or "slump" as prescribed on the delivery docket. Adding water beyond the prescribed slump may make it easier to work with, however it will also cause a loss of strength and lead to cracking, bleeding and/or dusting issues (pictured right).

Always use quality concrete sealing, finishing or exposing agents. Sealing your project will improve the appearance, protect against weathering and extend the life of your concrete.

Concrete Burns
Cement based products such as concrete have corrosive properties that may be harmful to the skin or eyes. Please wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment at all times when handling cement products.

Cement based products such as concrete can cause lasting damage to the surrounding environment if not properly controlled. Please ensure you or your Concreter contains any concrete material and properly disposes of the waste. Consult your local council for more information or advice.

Natural Products Can Vary
Q-crete Decorative Concrete contains aggregates and other materials that originate from natural quarry products therefore some variation in appearance and consistency may occur. We recommend making final colour selections from an actual sample. The illustrations and/or samples pictured are intended as a guide only and not an exact representation of the finished product. Material may contain traces of iron found in rock quarries which could stain the concrete (pictured below).

Q-crete highly recommend the curing of concrete to reduce the occurrence of cracking. For more info on curing concrete, visit

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